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Hello! I am Perico, a web and hybrid phone app developer currently based in Cordoba city.

I'm a young and fast learner coder intending to broaden my horizons and knowledge. Currently I'm developing a second web in my reduced free time using only Angular, not HTML, CSS and JS like I used on this one.

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About me

A young and motivated fullstack developer on everlasting journey of learning. Enthusiastic Angular fan.

But let's not keep on talking about me in third person. I am Perico Caballero, a developer based in Spain. My passion is learning new cool technologies and I feel joy when I have the chance to share my knowledge with fellow developers.

I am self taught. That means I am driven by passion and end goal. On the technical side, my skillset includes HTML, CSS & SASS, Javascript-TypeScript-Nodejs-Angular-Ionic, jQuery, Java-Katalon, PHP, JSP, NPM, Git and SQL. I'm an Angular fan.

Enthusiastic about programming. I love typing and trying out stuff, then polish it to achieve something that gives me a cool feeling of satisfaction.

My Skills

Its mostly based on web, but I'm enthusiastic on expanding my knowledge on apps for mobile.

Web Frontend Design 70%
Web Backend/Data Handling 90%
Hybrid Mobile Apps 60%
Functional/Automated Testing 70%

Interface Design (Frontend)

Elegant and efficient, with vivic color combinations and a solid structure. I do handle Bootstrap and Materialize with ease, but I can also make attractive pages without them.

Server-side (Backend)

Used to working with SQL. Keen on working with Javascript or PHP, less on working with JSP. Fine with Java or having to learn another language, I'm fast learner.

Mobile Apps

Talented using Ionic for developing applications, where I've published a couple of applications and I have running one for parents and students of the college I studied, named Shikoba.

High KPM

I'm swift with my fingers, being able to reach 400 keys per minute. Enthusiastic attitude and good aptitude to work, specially in front of a computer.

My Experiences

My main programming experiences

Hybrid Phone App Developer 2018 February - 2018 July

Learned basics and advanced stuff to make an application for the final project for my college. The application was presented during 35 minutes for 93 students and 21 teachers on late June. Nowadays, its being used by the IES Gran Capitan. Ended my Developer studies and worked on Bosbe for 5 months.

Web & Automated Testing Developer2018 October - Present

I was chosen to join Everis after doing an Angular Bootcamp in October 2018. Started working for British Car Auctions first as a Frontend developer, but later on, the client demanded testing to be automatized, so a Katalon subgroup was made, where I was included, and I loved it. At the end of January, I was moved to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) project, now as a Backend developer, where I keep on working nowadays. Both projects used Agile methologies (Scrum & Kanban).

My Education

Posting the core, there are a few other minor ones

The British School of Córdoba 2000 - 2013

I learned native English thanks to the thirteen years I was in this school only with native English teachers, here, I also studied French for four years. Studying here I also learned that I really enjoyed Maths, Physics, History, IT and Technical Drawing.

IES Trassierra & Gran Capitán 2014 - 2018

Did "Web Applications Development" that taught me most of the programing languages that I learned and that are asked in the labor market and then I had to learn hybrid mobile development for my final project. For it, I bought a couple of extensive courses on Udemy (one focused on Angular, the other on Ionic) from the renowned ex-professor Fernando Herrera to speed up and deepen my knowledge, and I loved it, so I delved further.

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. Code for readability.

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